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"I requested “I Will Always Love You” by Whitney Houston. Bubbles knocked it out of the park. I had chills – I kid you not. Her delivery is impeccable, singing with a strong soprano with several layers and a lovely vibrato. She moved effortlessly from Houston to Queen" 

                     ~Showtime Magazine

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A little bit about Bubbles...


Bubbles is a singer born 1984, and bred on a farm on a small island off the South Coast of England; The Isle of Wight.

           She has been singing ever since she can remember, and is the only musical member of her family! Always harboring a passionate love for music from birth, Bubbles has a massively eclectic taste ranging everything from Pavarotti to Dolly Parton, Journey and Whitesnake to Johnny Cash, New Kids on the Block to Adele and literally EVERYTHING in between, with a very strong love of Rock music and ballads/Rock ballads and also Broadway Musicals.
Bubbles traveled a lot in younger years but never once left the music behind. From her very first talent show win when she was 9 right up to present day, singing has been her passion, hobby, job, love and life, and she has always used music to express herself and her inner thoughts and emotions, which is evident when she sings and also why she leans more toward singing slower, more powerful songs such as ballads etc. But is also capable of singing a wide range of genres including country, blues, jazz, pop, modern, rock and many more.. Having been in many bands, sung as a solo artist, been to music college and also being a DJ and karaoke host for the past 12 years, she has an extensive knowledge of almost all music and has been told on many an occassion, her love of it shows through in her DJing and singing.

Sadly, due to poor longterm health, Bubbles is unable to sing in public for crowds and thus her music career was hindered, but in 2009 she discovered a Online social platform called Second Life, where she was able to get into online DJing, which led on to a career in singing online for people within Second Life in which she built up a following of fans.

In 2018, Bubbles online singing career got a huge boost when she uploaded a video of herself singing to her Facebook page, and within days it went viral, with over 2.1 million views! From this came an influx of new followers and from then on Bubbles started performing Facebook Live videos of her singing as well as in Second Life, and also recording songs for her YouTube channel, as well as taking special requests from people to record songs for them as gifts for Birthdays, weddings, other occasions or just for personal listening pleasure. Bubbles is willing to try any song and is always determined to succeed in learning and performing it to perfection.

As well as music, Bubbles has other hobbies and loves, which include building PC's, digital art and graphic design, forensics and criminology - which she has studied, photo editing and also video production which she puts to use making videos to go along with her music as well as personalized videos to order for any occasion.


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